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SCALE-RT 5.3 installation files & trial version

Please download and install both packages in order to ensure consistency and proper functionality!

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MD5: 05e0432bb01a4b631f48064513548e83

Real-time target-PC software image (Linux Live-CD)

511 MB (temporarily not available)

MD5: cb4315d66c58d6cf77aac38dad2e4f59

SCALE-RT installer package for Windows
(single installers can also be downloaded below)

744 MB


MD5: 0f6dc1f18ba18c2150a74e3762d94569

Cross Compiler for Windows

297 MB

SCALE-RT_MATLAB-Ext_Setup64.exe (available by purchase only)

MD5: b256810ed49b6b810cc5f8ef6e961ec8

MATLAB/Simulink Extension for 64-bit Windows
and 64-bit MATLAB

11 MB

SCALE-RT_MATLAB-Ext_Setup32.exe (available by purchase only)

MD5: 06e28e8683c74f7c4466f7bef8428643

MATLAB/Simulink Extension for 32-bit Windows
and 32-bit MATLAB

11 MB

SCALE-RT_Tools_Setup.exe (available by purchase only)

MD5: e2e9835f07d84a4e2757426651d09225

SCALE-RT Tools for Windows
(SCALE-RT Suite, Insight, Libraries and Manuals)

427 MB

I accept, that the free trial version does not allow the usage of external I/O hardware. This functionality can be added at any stage by buying a valid license key. Only with a valid license key, Cosateq's terms and conditions and the User license agreement can be applied.


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